Jason Barnes – Trial Consultant

Jason is a founding Partner, the Client Services Partner, and Senior Trial Consultant at Barnes & Roberts. He also leads the firm in the development of case themes and strategies. In a career spanning more than 24 years, he was a pioneer in the electronic trial graphics revolution and has prepared hundreds of cases for trial.

“Jason Barnes and Kelly Roberts are the best in the business. 
They do so much more than design trial graphics; 
they help you tell a compelling story.”
Tom Melsheimer
Fish & Richardson


Since 1990, Jason has tried lawsuits in state and federal courts throughout Texas and on both coasts with an emphasis on intellectual property, products liability and business torts. He has represented clients before the International Trade Commission, as well as in arbitrations and mediations.

With a background in engineering and computer science as well as a degree in graphic art, Jason was well positioned to advance both the science and the art of courtroom presentation. In the 1990s, he was a pioneer in the replacement of traditional illustration techniques then used in trial graphics with modern technologies such as desktop publishing, large format color printing, 3D animation, 3D printing and electronic evidence presentation.

Today, Jason continues to shape the art of persuasion in the courtroom through his work at the firm as well as his contributions to the industry. He is a long-time member of the American Society of Trial Consultants, contributes to CLE presentations and has provided guest lectures at the Dedman School of Law (SMU) and the Practicing Law Institute’s Patent Litigation forum. Jason’s writings appear in the firm’s blog and in The Jury Expert, a bi-monthly journal for trial attorneys for which Jason is also the Associate Editor.

Jason’s background in science and technology forms the basis for the firm’s success in representing clients in high-tech patent litigation. From integrated circuit packaging design to telecom network topology, from object oriented software to biochemistry, Jason understands both the science and the law that frame the issues to be tried. Working directly with technical staff and expert witnesses, his natural capacities and wide experience give Jason the ability to distill complex technical information into cogent and compelling presentations.

With more than two decades of trial experience encompassing over 100 trials, Jason has a deep understanding of trial preparation and practice. As a trial consultant, he regularly helps shape case themes and develop presentation strategies for witnesses and arguments. As a graphic artist, he designs and creates powerful, persuasive demonstratives. In the war-room and courtroom, he leads the B&R team in managing all presentation needs for the trial: boards, slide shows, animations, documents, video, witness preparation and live demonstrations.

Jason is an accomplished outdoor and travel photographer, amateur musician and avid camper. At least once a year, he packs camera, guitar and 2 weeks of food into his jeep before disappearing into the forest, mountains or desert by himself.

Notable Cases

  • Ogburn v. Fresenius Medical Care
  • Content Guard v. Google
  • SEC v. Mark Cuban
  • Data Treasury v. Wells Fargo, BofA, et al
  • Hitachi v. Top Victory Electronics
  • SEC v. Mark Cuban
  • Blackboard v. Desire2Learn
  • Alcatel/Lucent v. Microsoft
  • Red Hat and Novell v. IP Innovation
  • Bedrock v. Yahoo!
  • Texas ex rel Allen Jones v. Jannsen, et al
  • CEATS v. Continental Airlines et al
  • Fujitsu v. Tellabs
  • Multimedia Patent Trust v. Apple
  • TGIP v. AT&T
  • LG v. Whirlpool
  • AT&T v. TiVo
  • American Airlines v. Sabre
  • State of Alaska v. Transalaska Pipeline