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Barnes & Roberts has been the leader in trial graphics and courtroom presentation for almost two decades. We are experts at producing persuasive, evidence-based presentations using boards, slides, videos, photographs, models, animations and interactive media. Our trial consulting work takes us to courtrooms all across the country from New York to San Diego, from Miami Beach to Anchorage, and back to our own backyard, the Eastern District of Texas, one of the busiest and most challenging dockets in the nation. In all of these places, bet-the-company cases and billion dollar exposures are the norm for us, not the exception. We have the experience and the know-how to produce and present trial graphics that get the job done – and that’s exactly what we do.



We aim to quench your thirst for great client service. If we ever make a mistake, we promise to make it right. But, if we can’t make things sweet again, and you’re left with a sour taste, we’ll send you a juicer to make lemonade out of those lemons.